bwFDM – the Federal State Initiative for Research Data Management in Baden-Württemberg

advancing research data management together

Under this motto, we are actively involved in Baden-Württemberg’s RDM landscape, joining forces with RDM-related stakeholders from all types of higher education institutions. We help shape research data management at both the operational and the strategic level. Beyond the state, we pursue networking activities with other state initiatives as well as with the NFDI. Together with an international editorial team, we host and organise, the German-speaking countries’ central RDM information platform. In our work, we constantly build on the structures and results of our predecessor projects, continuing them and developing them further.

The principles of Open Science guide our work. This means that we emphasise the reusability of the materials and resources we create. Additionally, we emphasize transparency in our communication and collaborations.

Current funding period: 05.2023 – 07.2027

Funding body: Ministry of Science, Research and Arts Baden Württemberg

Below, you will find information about our activities, the bwFDM team, all predecessor projects and publications of the state initiative for research data management in Baden-Württemberg bwFDM.

Project lead

- Dr. Arne Upmeier (KIT Library)

- Oliver Kohl-Frey (Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM) of the University of Konstanz)

- Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline (University Computing Centre (URZ) of the Heidelberg University)